About BPF

So what is Big Phone Fight? It’s an experimental technology showdown where we compare smartphone spec sheets, stats and features. It’s Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago; Captain Kirk vs the Gorn; Ripley vs the Alien queen…

Our battles are waged over 9 bruising rounds:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Size & Weight
  3. Camera
  4. Screen/Keyboard
  5. Performance
  6. Software
  7. Storage
  8. Battery life
  9. Extras

Two (and occasionally three) handsets take part and slug it out to be the last handset standing. The winner is the phone that has the best combination of hardware and software. Simple.

Of course, it’s our opinion. The results are intended only as a guide to a smartphone’s level of goodness. Or badness.

We’ve found that by pitting devices against each other in this way, you can see any shortcomings more easily. A low quality screen, maybe; a hefty chassis; or a glaring lack of storage capacity.

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