Androids poised for world domination (Asimov’s three laws useless)

by Jerry D on September 13, 2010

According to the latest stats from the analysts at Gartner, the Android OS is on a march to dominate the smartphone market. Nokia, which launches a new version of the Symbian OS in October with the Nokia N8, should be worried…

Symbian will remain at the top of Gartner’s worldwide OS ranking due to Nokia’s volume and the push into more mass market price points. However, by the end of the forecast period, the No. 1 spot will be contested with Android, which will be at a very similar share level.

Gartner predicts that Symbian’s dominant market share will drop from 40.1% this year to 30.2% in 2014. The big winner will be Android, which the analysts forecast will boost its market share from 17.7% this year to 29.6% by 2014.

The numbers also predict that RIM’s share of the cellphone market will drop from 17.5% to 11.7% in 2014; Apple’s slice will be cut from 15.4% to 14.9%; while Microsoft will have to be content with a 3.9% share (suggesting that the Windows Phone resurrection isn’t going to last long.)

Source: Gartner

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