Blackberry Torch 9800 vs. HTC Legend – Review

by Jerry D on September 2, 2010

While the Blackberry Torch 9800 will get beaten up by any of the elite smartphones you can buy today, it fares better against lower-end handsets. So let’s see whether RIM’s Blackberry slider can land a few good punches in a tussle with the HTC Legend. Two cellphones enter. Only one may leave…

torch vs legend Blackberry Torch 9800 vs. HTC Legend   Review


The spec sheet of the Blackberry Torch 9800 lists 3G, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP as the core connectivity options. As for the Legend, HTC has specified 3G/HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and 802.11b/g Wi-Fi as standard. A quick point for the Torch. (1-0)

Size & Weight:

How do the two phones match up in terms of bulk? The Legend is the slimmer of the two phones with a depth of 11.5mm. The Blackberry Torch 9800 is wider, measuring 62.0mm to the Legend’s 56.3mm. And as far as weight is concerned, the Torch weighs a hefty 161g, while the Legend is a more pocketable 126g. (1-1)



RIM has built a 5.0 Megapixel lens into the Blackberry Torch 9800 together with features such as auto-focus, image stabilization, an LED flash, 2x digital zoom and VGA video capture. The Legend also comes equipped with a 5.0 MP camera, which includes photography frills such as: autofocus, LED flash, geo-tagging and video recording. Again, it’s hard to pull these two apart. (1-1)


Display size is key and the 800 features a 3.2-inch (360 x 480 pixel) touch-sensitive LCD screen. There’s also a neat, comfortable QWERTY keyboard for data entry.

The touch-sensitive AMOLED screen on the Legend has the same 3.2-inch dimensions. Unfortunately, it boasts a lower resolution (only 320 x 480 pixels) than the Blackberry Torch. It’s not much of a difference, but on technical terms the point goes to RIM. (2-1)


Speed matters and the RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 is powered by a Marvell processor, clocked at 624MHz. The Legend has a 600MHz Qualcomm MSM 7227 chip. In terms of software, this is where HTC strikes back. The Blackberry Torch 9800 runs Blackberry OS 6.0, while the Legend uses Android 2.1 (Eclair), woven together with HTC’s own Sense UI. The scores are tied. (2-2)

Downloadable apps:


The Blackberry Torch 9800 boasts 8GB of memory as standard, compared to the default 384MB capacity of the Legend. The Blackberry Torch 9800 also has a microSD interface, which can extend the overall capacity to 36GB. A microSD slot on the Legend further boosts the overall memory on HTC’s phone to 32GB. (3-2)

Battery life:

Actual talktime and standby performance will vary. But RIM’s spec sheet lists 5.8 hours of talktime for its phone, compared to 6.0 hours for the HTC Legend. As for standby time, the phones can last for 336 hours and 560 hours respectively. That’s one to the Legend. (3-3)



So it comes down to the last round. Here, the Blackberry Torch 9800 launches a final attack with built-in GPS/A-GPS, geo-tagging and Blackberry Maps. The Legend features a stereo FM radio with RDS, GPS/A-GPS sat-nav cleverness and a digital compass. (3-4)

The HTC Legend wins!

HTC Legend Blackberry Torch 9800 vs. HTC Legend   ReviewThe Legend emerges as the winner of this fight. But only just. (3-4). While it’s certainly thinner and lighter than the beefy Blackberry, it loses out in terms of screen resolution and battery life.

In this fight, the Legend scores vital points in terms of its software and its navigation. Android is a better long-term bet than the Blackberry OS, despite the improvements delivered by version 6.0. And when it came down to the final round, the Legend just edges it with better extras.

Do you agree with the outcome of this fight? Leave us a comment below now…

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