Comparing smartphones: What phone features are the most important to YOU? (Poll)

by Jerry D on October 4, 2010

We’ve had a number of comments so far on the fights published so far. Keep them coming. As a result, we’re thinking of tweaking  the way we pit smartphone against smartphone. We might increase the importance of some phone features; decrease the impact of others.

For example, some of you have said that battery life isn’t a real issue – it’s certainly a difficult aspect to accurately measure. Others have pointed to the OS battle, suggesting that we’re not covering the pros/cons of the software in enough detail. Points duly taken. We’d like to improve what we do…

At the moment, we cover several areas on Big Phone Fight and featured phones trade tech-slaps over eight ’rounds’ :

  1. Connectivity
  2. Size & weight
  3. Camera (resolution and features)
  4. Screen/keyboard (including screen size and resolution)
  5. Performance (processor speed and software)
  6. Storage
  7. Battery life (talktime and standby)
  8. Extras (sensors, HDMI connectors etc)

So the question is this: what’s the most important feature of a smartphone to you? Help us make the site better (and the fights even more accurate) by taking part in the poll below:

What THREE smartphone features are the most important to you?

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Thanks for taking part. If you have any other comments on what we do (or what we don’t) then let us know below.

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