HTC HD7 vs. HTC Trophy – Review

by Jerry D on October 17, 2010

HTC has blazed into the Windows Phone market with not one, but five new handsets. They’re all subtly different: a bigger screen here, a better camera there. So you can choose the phone with the features that are right for you. How do the HTC HD7 and the HTC Trophy compare? Let’s take a look…

htc hd7 vs trophy HTC HD7 vs. HTC Trophy   Review


The connectivity options on the HD7 include 3G/HSDPA (7.2Mbps), 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR and A2DP. HTC’s rival Trophy has the same specification: 3G/HSDPA (7.2Mbps), 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR/A2DP. (1-1)

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Size & Weight:

Size matters. And the question is this: is the HD7 a bit TOO big? The giant HTC handset is a bit taller than the Trophy with dimensions of 122.0mm versus 118.5mm. It’s also wider, measuring 68.0mm to the Trophy’s 61.5mm. Checking on weight, the HD7 weighs a beefy 162g, while the HTC Trophy is much lighter at 140g. (1-2)



First, let’s take a look at the HD7, which packs a 5.0 Megapixel camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with extras that include: autofocus, a dual-LED flash and HD video recording (720p).

The Trophy rocks a similar specification and also comes equipped with a 5.0 MP camera along with autofocus, a standard LED flash and HD video recording (720p). There’s not much in it. But a dual LED flash just gives the HD7 the edge here, clawing back a valuable point. (2-2)

Here’s how the raw technology of the cameras compare*.

1.0MP – 1280 x 960 pixels
2.0MP – 1600 x 1200 pixels
3.1MP – 2048 x 1536 pixels
5.0MP – 2592 x 1944 pixels
8.0MP – 3264 x 2448 pixels
10.0MP – 3872 x 2592 pixels
12.0MP – 4290 x 2800 pixels
16.0MP – 4920 x 3264 pixels

*These are typical resolutions. Actual resolutions may vary


The HD7 features a touch-sensitive S-LCD display, 4.3 inches across with a quoted resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Jamming 384,000 pixels into this screen size gives the HD7 a pixel density of 216.977 pixels per inch (PPI). Not bad. But not entirely great either.

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The Trophy’s touch-sensitive LCD display only measures 3.8 inches and the 480 x 800 pixel resolution is also identical to the HD7. But while it has the same 384,000 pixels onscreen, the Trophy boasts a higher pixel density, specifically 245.526 pixels per inch. (2-2)



As for speed, the Trophy uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 CPU, rated at 1GHz. The HD7′s engine is the same chip, meaning this round is a tie. (2-2)


Both the HTC HD7 and Trophy use Microsoft Windows Phone 7, which hopes to impress with its Facebook friendliness, Windows Live SkyDrive compatibility and customisable ‘live tiles’ (similar to Android’s widgets). It also features integrated Zune services and Xbox Live functionality. (2-2)


In terms of storage capacity, the HD7 features 16GB of internal storage as standard, while the Trophy features 8GB. The HD7 lacks an expansion slot so 16GB is all the storage you get. Similarly, there’s no expansion slot in the Trophy, so 8GB is the maximum capacity. (3-2)

Battery life:

Calculating battery life is tricky. But HTC says that the HD7 can deliver 6.25 hours of talktime, while the Trophy is rated at 6.75 hours. Meanwhile, standby time is quoted as 310 hours and 360 hours respectively That’s a narrow win for the Trophy. (3-3)

Note: The Standby time specification is an industry standard that is only intended to allow comparison of different mobile phones under the same circumstances. Power consumption in a standby state is strongly dependent on factors including: network, settings, location, movement, signal strength and cell traffic.



Both HTC phones feature GPS/A-GPS (with Bing Maps), a G-Sensor and digital compass, plus Dolby Mobile and SRS Surround Sound. The HD7 also incorporates a kick-stand so you can set it on a table to watch video playing on the 4.3-inch display. (3-3)

It’s a tie.

It’s a pretty even fight and neither phone emerges as a comprehensive winner (3-3). The HD7 comes with a bigger screen and more memory, while the Trophy is smaller, lighter and boasts a better all-round camera.

Yes, you could argue that there’s not much between the two in terms of talktime/standby time, so the HD7 could take the fight 3-2. But it’s clear that the HTC HD7 and Trophy will cater for slightly different tastes and they’re a decent (if unspectacular) debut for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS.

Do you agree with the outcome of this fight? Leave us a comment below now…

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