HTC Zoe camera with UltraPixels

The HTC One is the first phone to feature its new HTC Zoe camera with UltraPixels, which it claims is “an advanced imaging technology that offers a great leap in the quality of point-and-shoot photos and video.” How? It’s all down to a more advanced CMOS sensor with larger pixels. HTC calls these larger pixels UltraPixels.

According to HTC, the 2.0 micrometer UltraPixel has effectively twice the surface area of a typical 1.4 micrometer pixel and can capture 300% more light. Together with the new HTC ImageChip, which provides continous autofocus, real-time video HDR, plus clever colour shading and de-noise processing, a 4.0MP Zoe camera can rival (or best) an 8.0 Megapixel lens.

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