Nokia 109 vs. Nokia 206 – Review

by Jerry D on December 21, 2012

How do you referee a fight between the Nokia 109 and the Nokia 206? We could give one a lemon, the other a lime, and let them squeeze the juice into each other’s paper cuts until one of them screams for mercy. Or we could let the specs decide over 10 tech rounds? Yeah, that sounds more like it.

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Round #1 – Connectivity

The simple Nokia 109 is a GPRS/EDGE phone without most of the technical mod cons that we take for granted. No Bluetooth, no 3G and no Wi-Fi. The 206 is slightly better, packing GSM with GPRS/EDGE connectivity plus Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR. This model doesn’t support 4G. Obviously.

Score: +1 to both phones (1-1)

Round #2 – Size & Weight

The spec sheets make interesting reading. There’s not much between the two – the 109 is 110.0 x 46.0 x 14.8mm, the basic 206 is 116.0 x 49.4 x 12.4mm. The 109 is the more compact handset. Neither the 206 or the 109 is unwieldy and they’re significantly lighter than modern smartphones. The former weighs 91g; the latter weighs a mere 77g.

Score: +1 to 109 (2-1)


Round #3 – Cameras

The 109 doesn’t put up much of a fight in this round. It doesn’t include a camera. So the 1.3 Megapixel camera on the 206 instantly wins. It supports a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and also includes QCIF video recording.

Score: +1 to 206 (2-2)

Round #4 – Screen/keyboard

The 109 incorporates a LCD display, 1.8 inches in size and with a resolution of 120 x 160. Packing 19200 pixels into this 1.8-inch screen results in an extremely low grade pixel density of 111.111 pixels per inch (PPI). In comparison, the 206′s LCD screen is 2.4 inches wide. Compared to its rival, the pixels per inch (PPI) rating of this screen is an uninspiring 166.667.

Score: +1 to 206 (2-3)

Round #5 – Processor

In the smaller CPU vs CPU fight, Nokia doesn’t reveal details about the processors used in the two phone. So this round ends in a tie.

Score: +1 to both phones (3-4)

Round #6 – Software

The battle of the OSes also ends with the points shared as both phones run Nokia’s S40 software.

Score: +1 to both phones (4-5)

Round #7 – Applications

Ditto app stores. Both phones can download new apps from Ovi (Nokia), so this is another round that finishes in a tie.

Score: +1 to both phones (5-6)

Round #8 – Storage

This next round is all about gigabytes. Or in this case, megabytes. With only one option, the Nokia 109 has 16MB of internal storage. The Nokia 206 offers one version too, with a roomier 64MB capacity. Of course, the 109 also includes a microSD card slot to ramp up the memory to a more respectable 32GB. While the inclusion of a similar microSD expansion slot on the 206 also bumps up the capacity to 32GB.

Score: +1 to both phones (6-7)

Round #9 – Battery life

As far as battery usage is concerned, the 109 weighs in with 7.5 hours of talktime; the 206 in comparison boasts 20.0 hours of talktime. In terms of standby times, Nokia’s phone can last 790 hours, while Nokia’s model boasts 680 hours. Neither phone comes second in this round. It’s a tie.

Score: +1 to Nokia 206 (6-8)


Note: The Standby time specification is an industry standard that is only intended to allow comparison of different mobile phones under the same circumstances. Power consumption in a standby state is strongly dependent on factors including: network, settings, location, movement, signal strength and cell traffic.

Round #10 – Extras

Not many extras here. But both the 109 and the 206 feature stereo FM radios (with RDS) and… well, that’s actually it. I did say that there weren’t many extras…

Score: +1 to both phones (7-9)

BPF Verdict: The Nokia 206 wins!

A close fight. But the Nokia 206 takes it, winning the key camera, screen and battery life rounds.

See if these two phones make our Top 20 Best Smartphones list… (But we’ll tell you now, they don’t)

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