Nokia E5 vs. Nokia E71 vs. Nokia E72 – Fight!

by Jerry D on August 24, 2010

How do the specifications of the Nokia E5 compare against the models it’s designed to replace? In this three-way match-up, it’s winner stays on. First up, the E5 takes on the old Nokia E71…

e5 vs e71 vs e72 Nokia E5 vs. Nokia E71 vs. Nokia E72   Fight!

Nokia E5

The Nokia E5 is Nokia’s newest Blackberry-a-like handset, building on the success of the E71 and E72 models before it. Running the Symbian OS (Series 60), it comes with 2GB of standard memory but can be expanded to 32GB by replacing the memory card. Crucially, the E5 boasts a terrific battery life. If Nokia is to be believed, you’ll get 13.0 hours of talktime out of it.

Of course, the battery life is so good because the E5 isn’t a real smartphone competitor. It’s certainly small enough, only 12.8mm thick and weighing 126g. It also features a 5.0 MP camera, with a fixed focus lens, 3x digital zoom and an LED flash. A 600MHz ARM 11 processor gives it a decent turn of speed.

In fact, only the screen lets the E5 down. The 2.36-inch LCD (with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels) isn’t touch-sensitive. It can’t realistically be any bigger either, considering the size of the full QWERTY keyboard below it.

Nokia E71

The Nokia E71 is one of the handsets the E5 was designed to replace. Released in 2008, it was aimed at business users and unashamedly designed to grab a slice of the Blackberry pie from RIM. As you can see from the core specs, the E71 is showing its age: 8GB maximum memory (only 110MB included), a 3.15 MP camera (with QVGA video recording) and a 369MHz ARM processor.

That said, the E71 is a bit of a looker, measuring a mere 10.0mm around the waist and tipping the scales at 127g. Inspired by the classic Blackberry handsets, the form factor features a 2.36-inch LCD (320 x 240 pixels) with a full QWERTY keyboard below. A battery life that could deliver up to 10.5 hours of talktime was a definite draw.

Nokia E72

Finally, the Nokia E72 evolved the E71 specification, boosting the technology in key areas such as memory capacity and imaging. Like all three phones, it runs the Symbian OS (Series 60) and it matches the newer E5 in terms of camera resolution, screen size and processor speed.

Yet there are areas where the E5 edges ahead. The E5 supports 32GB of extended memory, compared to the 16GB microSD capacity on the Nokia E72. The E72′s quoted 12.5 hour talktime is also bettered by the E5. Although not by much. You’ll notice that the E72 is slightly thinner (10mm versus 12.8mm), but it’s 2g heavier than the E5.

Taking everything into consideration…

The Nokia E5 wins!

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